Crochet Flower Granny Square

This is one of the best Crochet Flower Granny Square which can be used in all the same ways that a granny square would be used, such as in blankets, pillows, clothing, accessories, or other projects.

A popular trend in granny square designs is floral and flowery squares – it’s so easy to create a little square with a bright and vibrant flower inside. You can make your granny squares in as many colors as your way, and you can even make them three-dimensional to add a little bit of texture to your finished work.

You can use a flower granny square individually or as part of a set for everything from decorative bunting to gorgeous afghans, garments and more. My favorite granny square that I have come across, though, is not the traditional style.

It is called the African Flower but today I changed my mind. Look at this !!!
Choose your colors and make these granny squares resemble your favorite flowers, or have them simply match your favorite colors or color scheme. Enjoy !

Click here to show tutorial

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